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w/Dr. Steven Schwartz

For years now Logic Pro has been the staple of professional music producers in world-class studios around the world.

Pyramind's Music Production with Logic Pro X was originally created by the world-renowned SF Logic Ninja and current Logic Pro Product manager at Apple, David Earl. It has now been fully updated for version 10.5 by Pyramind resident Logic wiz, producer and instructor Mario Graham. This course provides over twelve hours of content starting with the basics and culminating in advanced concepts and production techniques.

The Music Production with Logic Pro course takes you on a journey to learn the ins and outs of this powerful software to help you step up your game, finish your own original music and run with the pros.

Throughout the course you will learn how to utilize all of Logic Pro's tools to help maximize your workflow and to finish your music. We cover everything from Live Loops and Alchemy as well the latest updated instruments including Retro Synth, Vintage Mellotron, Studio Strings, Drum Machine Designer, Quick Sampler, and more!

Whether you are an experienced music producer, just starting out, or having only worked Garage Band, this course will be a perfect fit for you!
Module 1
Production & Arrangement
  • Making music with Logic Pro X now
  • Recording & editing audio
  • Recording & Editing MIDI
  • Working with rhythm
  • Arranging in Logic Pro
Module 2
Mixing, Mastering, and Workflow
  • Mixing & mastering part 1
  • Automation of the mix
  • File Management
  • Speeding up workflow with templates
  • Advanced time and tempo
  • The synthesizers of Logic Pro X
Module 3
Advanced Production, and Finishing
  • Advanced drum programming
  • Advanced MIDI
  • Advanced audio & mixing
  • Post production techniques
  • Mixing & mastering part 2
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David Earl
AKA sflogicninja
David Earl is the head product manager for Logic Pro X at Apple. Along with being a world-class musician and producer, he knows every aspect of Logic Pro inside and out. 

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